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Child Rider (CR)

The Child Rider is available on the IB and the WL plans. It is available for children or grandchildren of the primary insured through age 18. The rider insures each child for $1,000 per unit, level term coverage to age 25. A maximum of 10 units may be purchased so long as there is at least one qualified adult insured. However the unit coverage may not exceed the coverage on the adult insured on the base policy. Only natural or adopted children or grandchildren can be covered. A child cannot be covered on multiple policies.

Children born after the effective date of the rider are automatically included at no extra charge upon notification to the company of the child’s name and relationship, subject to a maximum of 10 children.

There are specific provisions in the child rider pertaining to limited pay policies and coverage of grandchildren. Specifically, the coverage terminates at the end of the premium paying period of the primary policy. Alternatively, it ends upon the death of the primary insured.

The coverage under the child rider may be converted to any permanent plan of insurance upon expiration of the term coverage under any of the expiration provisions.

The rate per unit for the child rider is $1.00 per month and should be added to the base premium of the policy in the premium section. The child rider is limited to a total of 10 children and/or grandchildren on any one (1) application.