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General Policies To Accomplish Mission & Motto

It is the goal of United Benefits, Inc to please our policyholders and others, including agents and sponsoring funeral homes, in every contact made. This is evidenced in our motto to provide service that is "OUR BEST ALWAYS" and in our mission statement to provide "EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE TO OUR POLICYHOLDERS AND TO THE FUNERAL HOMES THAT SPONSOR US".

Our staff strives to make everyone's experience with us by phone or in person exceed their expectation. Telephone calls are answered by one of our office staff and every effort is made at that time to provide the information requested. If not, then we pledge to get back to you within 24 hours. Our goal is to respond to written requests and correspondence within 24 hours of receipt.

Death claims are processed and paid within 24 hours of receipt of all of the necessary documentation. If the claim is incomplete we will call the funeral home and complete the documentation by FAX when possible. When applicable "Quick Claims" are paid the day the FAX is received.

Applications are processed upon receipt. For advance agents the advance commission on applications received by noon Tuesday is paid on Wednesday. Electronic transfer of funds is also available. End of month agent statements are mailed each month as well as a lapsed policy report, persistency report and points information for current standings for bonuses and the annual agents' trip.

Our goal is to issue policies within three weeks of receipt of the application. A cover letter goes out with every new policy that specifically asks the new policyholder to "please read their policy immediately to make sure all of the information is correct and in accordance with their wishes". The letter also explains whether the policy is to fund a pre-arrangement or is simply a cash policy to provide funds to help with funeral expenses. Other information is given such as when the first premium is due or the first bank draft will be drawn.

For pre-need contracts, a folder is mailed to the funeral home with a copy of all of the pre-need documents. The folder may be used as a permanent file and a tab is furnished.

A funeral home specific list of all active policies that fund a pre-need is mailed to each funeral home on the first of each month with current values.

In summary, every effort is made by United Benefits, Inc. to insure that our customers (policyholders, agents, funeral providers) understand our policies and procedures and that they are satisfied. We pledge to give you "OUR BEST ALWAYS".