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Annuity (ANN) Plan

The annuity is a flexible premium annuity and is available to those who are not insurable, or who do not want insurance, or who wish to set aside the funds to provide for their future funeral expenses. The interest paid on the annuity is compounded annually, added daily. The interest rate is reviewed annually and may be changed by the company. The annuity is a common plan for funding Pre-Need Contracts. There is no shrinkage of the principal paid at death as there is with many other annuities. This means more funds available for funeral expenses when the services are provided.

Flexible premium means that the annuitant may choose the way premium payments are to be made. The entire amount may be paid with the application. If not, then the company will bill the applicant for the amount requested. If no specific request is made, then no bill will be sent.

The guaranteed interest rate on the annuity is 3%.

The annuity has a withdrawal charge should the annuitant desire to cancel the contract. This withdrawal charge discourages the annuitant from canceling the contract or from withdrawing the funds, either of which would usually violate the provisions of the pre-need contract between the funeral home and the annuitant.

The annuity may be written on an applicant who is terminally ill. In such case no commission will be paid. The company allows these applications only as a service to the funeral home establishment.